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Solid waste management is an essential part of environmental health in and around the workplace. Varner Bros Inc (VBI) offers a combination of services that can be tailor made to fit the waste and recycling needs of any business. We have various size containers from 96gal. carts to 3yd bins with service options up to 6 days/wk. Call today to receive information on how we can help your company’s trash needs to follow all state and local waste regulations (See below Legislation).



The State of California requires that all businesses that generate 4 cubic yards of waste per week participate in recycling. VBI is the authorized hauler in the areas that we service and we can provide you with a cost saving blue container, today. Please contact us to ensure your legal compliance. Items accepted for recycling include paper, plastic #1-8, cardboard, aluminum, tin cans, glass, and misc. metals. Please visit for more information.


Recently, the State of California passed AB 1826. This bill requires businesses generating over 4 cubic yards per week of organic waste to have organic waste recycling service. In order to determine if your business requires organic waste recycling, please contact us or visit . Starting January 1, 2019, all businesses that generate over 4 cubic yards of solid waste must have organic recycling service. Please contact us with any questions or to ensure compliance.


VBI partners with Metropolitan Recycling, LLC. (MRC) in providing the most comprehensive C&D recycling compliance in Kern County. Whether you have LEED certification goals or strive to meet your own internal recycling mark, VBI service coupled with MRC and their C&D Material Recovery Facility will help you achieve the highest diversion in this area. To see your Cal Green recycling requirements visit Cal Recycle’s website: