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Q: When is our blue cart getting picked up?

A: Click Here

Q: How do I schedule a bulky waste (large item) pick up?


  • Residents in unincorporated Kern County, please call 322-6863.
  • Residents within the city limits of Bakersfield, please call 326-3114.
  • Residents of Gossamer Grove in Shafter, please call 399-2944.

Q: Why didn’t my trash get picked up?

A: Our drivers are deployed with “non-service tags” that would typically be attached to your cart handle and would explain most problems. Some examples of non-service reasons are: the cart is over-loaded, the cart is blocked by a vehicle, or there may be inappropriate material in the cart. However, if there is no tag and the container was out prior to 5:00 am, please contact our office for further assistance.

Q: What holidays are you closed?

A: The County landfills and local recycling facilities are closed on July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, therefore, we do not collect. When those holidays land on a weekday, we simply push all residential and commercial service back one day.
For example: If Christmas is on Thursday, we pick up everything as we normally would on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We would then pick up Thursday’s routes on Friday and pick up Friday’s routes on Saturday.

Q: What is a gate fee on my bill?

A: For roll-off customers, there is a “gate fee” charged at the disposal site to either bury or process the material. It determined by weight and classification of material and charged by the ton.

Q: Why am I getting a bill? Why isn''t it on my taxes?

A: Your property taxes cover basic service levels. For single family residences, that includes 1 trash, 1 green waste, and 1 recycling cart. Additional service is available and billed out accordingly. 

Q: Can I rent a bin for temporary use?

A: Yes, “oncall” bins are available for residential clean ups or projects. We can deliver a 3yd bin that you can fill on your own, and then call us when it is ready to be dumped or removed. This can be utilized for up to 8 weeks and you can order as many dumps as needed.

Q: What is food waste recycling and what am I supposed to put in each bin?

A: Click Here to view a PDF with guides for each bin.

Q: Where do my trash, organics, and recyclables go after it gets collected?

A: Your trash goes to Bena or Shafter landfills, organic waste from the green carts/bin go to the City of Bakersfield facility at 2601 S. Mt. Vernon, and your blue cart/bin material goes to Metropolitan Recycling, LLC.